Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Global Peace Index 2008

The Index is constructed from 24 indicators of external and internal measures of peace, including import and export of weapons, percentage of displaced and jailed people, military expenditure as a percentage of GDP, level of violent crime, and war deaths.
Japan is the only G8 country in the top 10.
# 1 Iceland
# 2 Denmark
#3 Norway
#4 New Zealand
#5 Japan
#6 Ireland
#7 Portugal
#8 Finland
#9 Luxembourg
#10 Austria
#11 Canada



#49 UK



#97 USA


Q said...

I keep leaving comments and they disappear. That's intellectual property theft...well if I had something intellectual to say that is ;)

Wait till they discover tasers in Iceland, then they'll get all control crazy on people's asses.

West End Bob said...

It's surprising to me that the US is not up around Israel (136) and Iraq (140) rather than a paltry 97. bushco needs to step up the pace in his last months. (Assuming he vacates the office, that is.)

Apparently harperco is dissatisfied with Canada's ranking of 11. Guess that's why he announced the $30B - scratch that - $50B - scratch that - the $96B increase in the defence budget . . . .

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

If they made peace an Olympic event, you can bet your ass the U.S. would get serious. Maybe that's the answer.

q, I've seen your avatar about one zillion times, and it still cracks me up.

neutron said...

neat post. but it's kinda like putting numbers to stuff we already know. and now i'm feeling left out because i'm the only one without a cute animal pic avatar :(

RossK said...

Kentucky Blue Crabgrass makes a good point.


Anonymous said...

interesting about iceland and denmark...i guess trying to take over canada's arctic is considered fair game. really, why don't they list some remote archipelgo (sp?) as #1?

¢rÄbG®äŠŠ said...

I'm glad you said that, gazetteer, in part because I like Bluegrass.

Neutron, don't feel bad. Your flower is most groovy.

Alison said...

Scout, the link gives the criteria for rankings and I note that casting a long look at contested boundaries does not appear to be one. Love the idea of giving it to a remote archipeligo though, or perhaps St Kitts.

Sorry about getting into comments - they are quite hopeless here lately and dodgy at the Beav also.
I used to at least get them by e as well so I could cut and paste them up but not even that works now, possibly beause I'm still on the old blogger. hush.

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