Friday, May 23, 2008

How much for the little girl?

Dear Steve :

When you stood next to President Uribe of Colombia [8,000 trade unionists killed, 25 more reported by May this year so far] and said :
"When we see a country like Colombia that has decided to address its social, political and economic problems in an integrated way, that wants to embrace democracy and human rights, then we say, "We're in."
"We are not going to say fix all your social, political and human rights problems and only then will we engage in trade relations with you. That's a ridiculous position."

were you referring to :
"a free trade agreement [which] would allow the Colombian government to pay a token monetary amount into a ‘cooperation fund’ when a Colombian trade unionist is murdered"?

What kind of trade deal equates paying a fine for murdering human beings with "embracing democracy and human rights"?
Is there a special group rate for killing a whole bunch of them at once?
How about a pre-payment plan?


P.S. Please see attached letter from Canadian union leaders .

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