Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clowncar terrorism - the Toronto whatever-number-it-is-now

CBC : An RCMP informant who infiltrated an alleged homegrown militant group has acknowledged the person now on trial had little or no knowledge of the group's plans.
Having recently converted from Hinduism to Islam, the accused was eager to learn. So Shaikh told him the camp was a religious retreat where he would learn about the faith and also test physical skills, as laid out in the Koran.
Shaikh said the accused never heard a word of alleged plans to blow up buildings or behead the prime minister.

G&M : While the Crown contends the camp was intended as terrorist training, Mr. Shaikh [the RCMP informant] readily agreed the recruits were told they were going to a religious camp.
“That was the cover story,” Mr. Shaikh said.
“They weren't told anything about attacking Parliament?” Mr. Chernovsky asked.
“That's correct,” Mr. Shaikh said.

He said the campers could have viewed wearing fatigues, playing paintball or pretending to be Muslim fighters in Chechnya as a game of cowboys and Indians or cops and robbers, he added.
At one point, he said, the leaders hid in the bushes and made wolf and bear noises.
“They sat in the tent terrified,” court heard of the other campers. “They ended up huddled, shivering in the tent.”

This is the testimony of the prosecution's star witness.

The case so far : Getting the accused to join what they were told was a religious retreat and then prosecuting them for not doing something that they didn't know anything about.


Q said...

Rather Kafkaesque for sure, not quite 'charged with being charged' but charged with being suspicious it seems...and possibly for shivering in a tent...

West End Bob said...

Thanks for clarifying the case so far.

Shheessshhhh . . . .

Anonymous said...

Charged for something that someone else might have been doing without your knowledge?


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