Thursday, September 11, 2008

Gordo extends summer vacation to February... again

On a Friday afternoon on the opening day of the Beijing Olympics attended by BC Premier Gordon Campbell, it was announced that 100 senior BC bureaucrats would receive wage increases of up to 43% at a cost to the province of $4M a year. Gordo's deputy minister now makes just under $1000 a day. In June 2007, Gordo awarded himself a 54% pay hike.

Yesterday Gordo cancelled the fall session of the legislature, scheduled to run from October 6 to November 27, just like he did in 2006.
They will not reconvene till Feb 2009.
This means in 2008 they sat for a total of 47 days.

Meanwhile the minimum wage in BC has been locked at $8 per hour since 2001. Someone working for $8 an hour will have to work for 20 years to make what Gordo's deputy minister makes in a year.

Lazy arrogant Socred/Reform Party scum.


West End Bob said...

Lazy arrogant Socred/Reform Party scum.

Why don't you tell us how you really feel, Alison?

We're with you 100% . . . .

Anonymous said...

They're running scared because the carbon tax is unpopular and the NDP has caught up to them in the polls. The election is in May - they're coming back in time to throw out some riding pork and some personal rebates before riding to the polls, hoping that having no news for many moons will help people forget and continue to vote BC Liberal


RossK said...

Re: the 47 days.....

And don't forget all the stuff they were ramming through WITHOUT debate because there 'wasn't enough' time during the last session.


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