Friday, September 05, 2008

Soldier chic

Sears has signed a deal with the U.S. Army to launch the All American Army Brand's First Infantry Division clothing collection - "the first time the U.S. Army has officially licensed its marks and insignias."
The collection, slated to launch nationwide in October, will be made up of "authentic lifestyle reinterpretations".
The Army will also be test piloting an "Army Experience Center" in a mall in Philadelphia "to help visitors virtually experience aspects of Army life" and to build recruitment.
Well, hell, son, you're already wearing the uniform...
Still, you have to feel sorry for the poor "U.S. Army spokesperson" who was made to 'wear' this :
"By incorporating the Army's timeless traditions with iconic styling and unparalleled standards for performance, fit and function, consumers can wear the pride they feel for our troops."
And may I suggest a nice pump to go with that, sir? No? How about a tour in Iraq?


Q said...

I recall army jackets being cool... but only because they didn't like us wearing them ;)

chris said...

"a nice pump to go with that"
You do mean a shoe, right?
My first thought was some sort of "manly enhancement device."

Alison said...

Q : Still have yours?

Chris : "Pump" is one of those nice ambiguous words...

chris said...

Damn! Tea on the desk. Again.
Thanks, Alison.

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