Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Mighty Wind is still blowing : CBC still blows

Heather Mallick : "I am immensely attached to the CBC. You try living outside Toronto and trying to understand the country you live in without having the CBC on TV, on the radio or online. It can’t be done.
If Stephen Harper wins the next federal election, the CBC will be no more."

Link round-up on the CBC's censure of Heather Mallick and her article "A Mighty Wind blows through Republican Convention" and their promise to get more 'fair and balanced' real soon :

Heather's column, reprinted at her website - the one the CBC pulled.

CBC Ombudsman's Review

CBC News Letter from Publisher John Cruikshank:
"We erred in our judgment" You can leave comments!

Blogger round-up :

Creekside : A Mighty Wind blows up the arse of the CBC
here and at The Galloping Beaver

Canadian Cynic : Who's your daddy, CBC?

Unrepentant Old Hippie : CBC - Canadian Butt-kissing Corporation

The Gazetteer : Ask Not What the CBC Can Do For Our Heather...

Canadian Cynic : CBC Gutless, Cowers Before Freepers

CathiefromCanada : Does anyone think Palin's a good choice?

Dawg's Blawg : Dear MotherCorp

Designated Driver of North America : CBC panders to Fox News, the National Post, and a right-wing astroturf campaign

This is our publicly owned CBC pandering to privately-owned right-wing pressure talking points. Fox News was offended? Please. If you don't want to see some variation of CBC Guest Columnist Ann Coulter any time soon,
let them know.

Now RossK has an idea .....

If I missed you in the round-up, let me know in comments.


Paul said...

Harper has put a note of this incident in his "Excuses to abolish the CBC asap" file.

Alison said...

Paul, that'll be right after he abolishes the CRTC.

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