Saturday, January 24, 2009

Off-duty cops : "We don't like brown people"

Last night's TV news coverage of the three off-duty Vancouver area cops arrested for robbery and assault of a newspaper delivery man early Wednesday morning featured the snippet that police were investigating the possibility that the three cops had been slipped some kind of drug.

What kind of drug causes three young innocent police officers to allegedly rob a newsie and kick him repeatedly in the head while allegedly yelling, "We don't like brown people" ?
What kind of drug would make them allegedly threaten him with a TASER™ and other appalled bystanders with violence after allegedly commandeering a corvette for their alleged convenience?
Feel free to add as many more "allegedly's" as you think the situation requires, given that there were witnesses to the beating, including the taxi driver who witnessed the entire event and the municipal workers who attempted to stop it with shovels.

And the police who allegedly told the victim not to talk to the media? Were they also slipped a drug?

B.C.'s Attorney General Wally Oppal on Friday asked the public to "keep an open mind."
Vancouver Chief Const. Jim Chu says "the public should have confidence in the police investigation".
"For the sake of preserving the public's respect and belief in the integrity of that process, I believe it is important to reassure them on this matter."

Statistics released by the Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner in November showed that 106 municipal police officers were guilty of misconduct between Oct. 1, 2006, and Oct. 1, 2008. That's about one a week.

The previous chief of the Vancouver Police Department, Jamie Graham, was found guilty of discreditable conduct for failing to cooperate in an RCMP investigation into allegations of police brutality. He "retired" in August 2007 and moved to Victoria, coming out of retirement to become Victoria's police chief on Jan 1st this year.


Paul said...

Here here.

Oemissions said...

We've been keeping an open mind far too long.

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the "good cops" who finally came along and handcuffed the battered and bleeding allegedly "brown" person until the witnesses insisted that the brown guy was actually the victim. I guess they already had "open minds".

Peace babies.

Anonymous said...

After some searches, the only drug I could find that created the symptoms so shown, was alcohol,

and you already had to be predisposed to violence and racism.

So I guess, the bartenders were spikeing the Cops alcoholic beverages, with alcohol.

Alison said...

Over at the Beav where this is also posted, a couple of people agreed in comments that the drug involved was probably Ibogaine.

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