Monday, December 14, 2009

Canada punk'd at COP15

This is classic Yes Men, who have been gaily twittering about the prank without actually, um, copping to it.

First there was this morning's grand announcement from Environment Minister Jim Prentice of Canada's "ambitious plan for a new climate change framework that answers vital concerns voiced by developing nations" and the "strict new emissions-reductions guidelines for Canada" along with generous "financing for vulnerable countries beginning in 2010."
Except it wasn't true.

Neither was the article covering the press release in the credible-looking but not really WSJ.
Nor the follow-up press release from Environment Canada deploring the prank :

"OTTAWA, Ont. -- December 14, 2009 -- One hour ago, a spoof press release targeted Canada in order to generate hurtful rumors and mislead the Conference of Parties on Canada's positions on climate change, and to damage Canada's standing with the international business community.

The Canadian government wishes to note that in addition to misleading the world on Canada's energy stance, today's impostors generated a cascading series of hopes that culminated in the delivery, by the Ugandan delegation, of an impassioned speech in today's COP-15 press briefing. "

"Hurtful rumours" Heh.
And about that "impassioned speech" by the Ugandan delegate at COP15 seen on video here :

The Ugandan delegation convened a press event shortly after the surprise Canadian announcement, in a breakthrough moment for a summit marked until now largely by gridlock. Delegates, NGO representatives and members of the press crowded the room to listen to the impromptu address, although delegates from the United States, the UK and China were largely absent.

"This is the day that will define our century," said Margaret Matembe, MP and member of the Climate Committee of Uganda. "Today, we no longer have to wait for a COP20 or COP100 before the voices of our children are heard."

... I can't find "Margaret Matembe, MP and member of the Climate Committee of Uganda" on Google.

Classic Yes Men.
Also ... Kady ... ACR ... and Rusty Idols who called it first.
Update : CBC : Who's behind the hoax?
"A second fake press release pointed us to which is a whole lot closer to the real deal but still not legit.That site is reportedly registered to the Friends of Science Commission. The phone number worked, but reached a very annoyed woman who was definitely NOT associated with the group.
Friends of Science DOES exist. It's an organization that believes climate change does not exist ...".
Heh. A Friends of Science link - excellent!


Dan Johnson said...

Ok, I get it. I should have realized that F.O.S. would not have done it. They'd still be looking for where you put the floppy disk in.

Dan Johnson said...

One more fun F.O.S. point of entertainment, if I am not overdoing it. Their own (actual) previous websites are still accessible, although they don't seem to know it, and just full of funny stuff.*/

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