Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trade - As It Really Happens

On CBC's As It Happens last night, they were interviewing someone from Kenya who was unable to ship his flowers and produce to Europe by air due to the ashfall from Iceland's unpronounceable volcano. We will lose millions of dollars, he said, and it will all go to compost and cattlefeed.

You could hear the gears turning over in the CBC interviewer's head. Don't you have people starving over there? the gears said. Why is 95% of your crop flowers ? Why aren't you growing food ?

Well here ya go, CBC. Here is a 2 minute vid on trade in Kenya as it really happens, information that would have added a little much-needed context to your flowery interview.

And you 37 Libs who helped pass the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Investment Agreement yesterday, you too.



West End Bob said...

Thank you, Lady Alison, for doing the job the CBC and the rest of the MSM can't seem to accomplish.

jeebuz-h-krist . . . .

Oemissions said...

many of those flowers are picked by slave children kept in seriously deprived depraved quarters and given little to eat.
but hey, try picking daffodils sometime over in the Saanich peninsula.

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