Saturday, June 26, 2010

G20 demos turn ugly

This will be the new poster child moment from the G20 demos. It probably would have blanked out the more deserving contender anyway, but I think spraying urine on CBC reporters probably sealed it.
Illegal searches and detainments, McGuinty's attack on our Charter rights, preemptive house arrests, $1-billion in security? Pfftt. CTV is running 16 minutes straight of two burning police cars.
Realtime updates at cbcg20.


Sparky said...

yeah, see, here's the problem...
The question isn't why CTV ran 16 straight minutes of police cars being on fire...
The question is why were 2 police cars on fire in the first place??
I marched 'a few years back' with 2 million of my closest fellow canadians in protest of the Iraqi war along the very same streets as the ones that were vandalized today.
WHat happened then?? Hell, we marched right past the fraking US embassy and NOTHING was damaged.
And that was to protest the frakking war!
What was being protested today? Well, who gives a rats ass now? Stores damaged and TO in 'chaos'...
A bunch of ne'er-do-wells looking for an excuse to turn over apple carts.
Im sorry, but this 'protest' lost me at the first rock through a window.

Alison said...

What was being protested today? Well, who gives a rats ass now?

My point entirely.

tdwebste said...

Well done the protest are over and irrelevant.

What really happened? Was these provocateurs or useful idiots? Does it even matter.

This is just like what happened in the Olympics a early protest to end all legitiment protests.

Mark Groen said...

I would be surprised if the car vandals were *not* agent provocateurs like in Montebello.

So much time between the fire started and first response begs the question of who determined the proper length of time for the media to get their money shots before the firetrucks etc. arrive.

Alison said...

Mark : A point also made in the few snippets of media I've heard today. Even Mansbridge brought up Montello last night.

The Guardian also mentions Montebello and "the police charade" :
"Questions are being asked as to why the police chose to drive the vehicles into the middle of a group of protesters and then abandon them, and why there was no attempt to put out the flames until the nation's media had been given time to record the scenes for broadcast around the world."

Just in from work and haven't read the papers yet but I appear to have underestimated the media's response here.
Certainly The Agenda'a Steve Paikin's testimony very damaging.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't find anything on mainstream about the People's Summit. Thanks to we got to hear the issues.. and solutions.
At the end, Naomi Klein invited the 700 delegates to walk to the Park to join the "protestors"
We just witnessed a huge security SCAM
supported by the media.
from Oemissions

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