Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Libby Davies gets smeared

G&M : Harper wants NDP to fire deputy Libby Davies for criticism of Israel

CBC : Calls for NDP MP to resign after Israel comments

Star : Libby Davies in hot water for anti-Israel comments

What a complete load of bollocks.

We expect this kind of shoving to the front of the line to defend Israel from imaginary threats from Harper but what's your excuse, Bob Rae? Rae :
To deny the state of Israel's right to exist
Except she didn't.
and to propose an international campaign of boycotts, divestments and sanctions against a legitimate member of the world community for over 60 years
And she didn't do that either.

Bob, don't you at least have staff who can do a modicum of research for you into what Libby Davies actually said before you try to outsteve Steve on Israel? Your behavior actually proves her point made in the vid below that people are afraid to even discuss this for fear of being branded anti-Semitic.

That she should be required to apologise for this at all, much less be threatened with being fired, is, to turn Rae's own words against Libby back on him :
to reveal a level of hostility and ignorance that is truly breathtaking
Watch it for yourself ...

Layton defended Libby on Power Play tonight and she stood beside him in the House today. Good because the NDP have not shown much courage on the issue of Palestine.
Libby Davies has nothing to apologise for.

More from Cliff at Rusty Idols.


Dan said...

bye bye libby
1st svend srews up now libby. looks like the pals are loosing their biggest supporters in canadian politics. at least libby has a fat cat federal pension to retire in luxury not like the rest of us saps.

Dave said...

Actually, she does have reason for contrition. She opened a gap large enough to allow Harper to drive a truck through.

Heinous crime.

Golda said...

The fact Bob Rae is Jewish may have something to do with his bias.

Frank Frink said...

Please, let's stick to the facts. Bob Rae isn't Jewish although one of his grandfathers was Jewish. He was raised and identifies as Anglican. His wife, however, is Jewish and their children are being raised in that faith.

Alison said...

Yes, Dan, it would indeed be a terrible thing if someone who has held public office in various capacities since 1982 were to get a pension.

Golda, Frank : This has fuck all to do with being Jewish.

Dave : I strongly disagree - see follow-up post.

sunsin said...

This enabling will not end well. Israel has already lost the sympathies of most of the non-North American world. For a country headed for demographic self-destruction, that's not a good place to be in.

I remember one other story about Ben Gurion. When Israeli forces captured Hebron in the 1967 war, the local commander phoned Ben Gurion to tell him the news. Ben Gurion's response was, "You've captured it? Good. Now give it back." That was the voice of sense talking. The present Israeli right-wing is mad with arrogance and entitlement, and thinks it can get away with anything. Sooner or later, if they go on the way they are going, the world will be cheering for their destruction.

Frank Frink said...

Golda, Frank : This has fuck all to do with being Jewish.

Umm... yeah, I know that. :s

Not sure if Golda knows that, attributing source of 'bias' to some imaginary 'fact'. That's what I was addressing, ok? Shooting down Golda's 'fact'.

Golda said...

Rae's father was born Goodman Cohen. I think that's about as Jewish as you can get, and leaves little doubt where his sympathies lay.

Golda said...

My apologies; I should have said grandfather.
I still believe Rae's comments were bias in favour of Israel.

Alison said...

I know you know, Frank. I was quickly addressing the comments between you and Golda and did not mean to come off the scold. Please put it down to big thumbs/tiny little blackberry keys/ no time.

Yes, Golda, Rae's comments were biased in favour of Israel but the point is they were wrong, regardless of whether he or his grandfather is Jewish.

Sunsin : Great Ben Gurion story!
Sooner or later, if they go on the way they are going, the world will be cheering for their destruction.
Yes and I fear this. In my more inflammatory moments I have argued that the hard right in Israel are the true anti-Semites, so damaging to Israel and to any possibility of peace are their actions.

Golda said...

Yes Alison, Rae's comments were clearly wrong. I was merely looking for a reason for them, and I'm still waiting to hear an apology from him.

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