Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Interview with Hamas

Part One. Part Two is up at The Real News Network, with Part Three to come.

Canadian journalist and film maker Paul Jay was the creator and producer of Counterspin with host Avi Lewis, the gutsiest CBC news program ever in my opinion. Jay also founded Hot Docs! and is senior news editor at TRRN.

Usamah Hamdan was born in Gaza. Further bio and interview transcripts at the link.


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opit said...

Kucinich is raising a little hell over Gaza.
Yanks still haven't figured out implications of Turkey's NATO membership re: their obligations. One idiot referred to Turkey as a 'former ally'. Makes sense when Israel merely emulates standard US protocol of shooting up wherever.whoever and whenever they choose. 'What's sauce for the goose...' : especially for the War OF Terra.

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