Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Karl Rove Charles McVety bunfest this Friday

Charles McVety will be hosting Karl Rove at his own wee G20 Summit in Toronto on Friday. As McVety describes Rove on his G20.ca website, having purchased the URL two years ago :
Master architect of 75 presidential, senatorial, and gubernatorial campaigns with an almost perfect winning record
but just in case you've never heard of 'Bush's brain', McVety adds that he is "seen daily on television."

Nice line-up of sponsors there : B'Nai Brith Canada, Canada Family Action Coalition, Conservative Values of Canada, Institute For Canadian Values.

But all is not well in Valuesworld. Charles is pissed with Harper, who he refers to as "Chairman", for supporting "one-world government" and embracing that well known commie John Maynard Keynes. As McVety explains in his essay on the site:

Keynes was well known for agreeing with Vladimir Lennon on how to bring down free market based societies

presumably in conjunction with other noted communist world leader/songwriters.

And, in case you'd forgotten, Charles also tells us that "CO2 is a natural necessary part of air", Hitler was a "Socialist" and "Iran is building nuclear weapons and threatening to "wipe Israel off the map". More from B'Nai Brith's Frank Dimant about that in the Sunday session.

"Mr. Rove's common-sense approach is a voice that leaders should take heed" says Charles.

Steve must be so proud.



thwap said...


Karl Rove.


Anonymous said...

Will there be lenin meringue pie?

croghan27 said...

Did not his sisters appear on the Lawrence Welk show?

West End Bob said...

I'm about a third thru The Armageddon Factor from the local "lie-Berry," Alison. (Highly recommended, BTW.) The cretin referenced in your post is featured prominently as is "Doris" Day, frank luntz, tony clement, preston manning, stevie harper, et al.

Very disappointing how many of the whacko religious nut groups originated in BC. 'Wass up with that ? ? ? ?

Alison said...

Dunno but we certainly have our own local bible belt. Focus on the Family is headquartered out here.

I'm part way through Armageddon Factor myself.

West End Bob said...

I'm part way through Armageddon Factor myself.

"Great minds," and all that . . . . ;-)

rww said...

Vladimir Lennon - John's secret brother ?

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