Thursday, July 29, 2010

The "personal transformation" of RCMP Commish Elliott

Pogge notes that last year RCMP Commissioner William Elliott
"attended a $44,000 course in Arizona that dealt with behavioural barriers to success.
He subsequently acknowledged to employees in a memo that he learned his actions "can and did have unintended, sometimes negative impacts."
and generously offers "to explain to him what a dick he is for half that".

If the RCMP is reading, Creekside would also like to enter the bidding fray at half again what Pogge is proposing to charge.
Oh wait. There were no other bids considered last year in the decision to send three RCMP to Arizona to take "personal transformation" and "100 per cent accountability" training for a $¼-million, accommodation and travel not included. At the time the RCMP said that Malandro Communication is the only known firm that can deliver the "leadership transformation services" it needs.
Well, at least they didn't send them off to Scientology.

Some might say "leader transformation" is the job of the government, but as noted yet again today by James Travers :
"Instead of bringing the fabled horsemen to heel for banana republic meddling in the 2006 election, the Prime Minister rushed to headquarters, cash in hand."
And then he laid off vociferous RCMP watchdog Paul Kennedy, replacing him with a former Con party operative in what the G&M termed "one of the most cynical and discouraging appointments this government has made in the past four years".

"Horribly broken" continues....

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Norm Farrell said...

Don't you think Elliott is perfect as RCMP leader without further training? After all, a dysfunctional CEO is perfect for a dysfunctional police service. I heard he was upset about being largely left out of the loop on the billion dollar G20 spending party. Nothing worse than a bureaucrat who didn't get his hands on a giant pool of discretionary funds.

Here was my earlier take on the in-fighting:

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