Friday, September 10, 2010

International Spurn A Moran Day

And not just this moran - all the morans.
If a moran burns a Quran in the forest and no one is around to plug and play it ...
Mike Thomas at the Orlando Sentinel (h/t Dammit Janet)
We created the Rev. Terry Jones from dust. And in two weeks, to dust he shall return. Then we'll move on to the guys who plan to run over the Quran at their monster-truck pull. Whatever it takes to keep your attention.


Anonymous said...

Ha! Good one.

Seen at HuffPost: "To save paper, can't those Florida Quran burners just download the Kindle version then angrily delete it?"

Anonymous said...

And another from Wingnut at Rabble:
"Let me make this perfectly clear, let there be no mistake, we are not at war against Islam. We are at war against some Islamic peoples. It is okay to equate Islam with terrorism as that delegitimizes their resistance. It is okay to equate Islam with backwardness and cruelty as that supports the narrative we employ to invade their nations, kill their citizens, and seize their resources. But it is not okay to burn their holy book, the Quran, because other Islamic peoples can stand aside as we bomb other Islamic peoples just so long as we are waging war against people who are Islamic rather than Islam itself. It is a fine line and we must tread carefully. As your president, I can't denounce the demonizing of Muslims and attacks on their mosques as a hateful expression of racism, but I can, and indeed I must, denounce the burning of the Quran as a danger to our troops who are presently engaged in the mission of killing Islamic people in many different parts of the world. Because, to defend Muslims would undermine my moral authority as president while defending the troops strengthens it. I say to all Americans in these difficult times of conflict, if you really need to burn a book, burn the constitution. We have.

Pres. Barack H. Obama.


Alison said...

Anon's Babble link.

Well said, Wingnut!

Q said...

As Lizz Winstead aptly named him... Yosemite Scam.

This guy gets attention because the right has mainstreamed crazy.
He's no less hateful and ignorant than Newt Gingrich.

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