Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pentagon freaking out ahead of the next WikiLeaks doc dump

and warns the documents may contain accounts of "compromising conversations" that could "cause serious embarrassment for foreign governments and politicians named in them" and result in "the expulsion of U.S. diplomats from foreign postings".

Because a previous Wikileaks-released conversation from a US Apache helicopter concerning civilians and Reuters employees ambling down a street in Baghdad that went :

"Light 'em all up. C'mon, fire! Keep shoot'n, Keep shoot'n. Keep shoot'n."

was not considered to be sufficiently offputting all by itself I guess.


West End Bob said...

Can't shake these phrases, Alison:

"What goes around, comes around . . . ."

"Reap what you sow . . . ."

"Payback is hell . . . ."

"Karma . . . ."

Beijing York said...

Good point again, Alison.

Killing and maiming civilians not as embarrassing as maybe calling Chretien a pussy or traitor on refusing to join the coalition of the "willing to man up or face our wrath".

Had Obama proven to actually be against the Wars on Terror, he'd have no problem with these leaks.

Anonymous said...

Ditto Beijing York and Alison
Fucking outrageous these assholes are more concerned with embarrassment from political chatter than with the extent of war crimes revealed in previous leaks.

saskboy said...

It's bound to be an interesting week, thanks to the 'Leaks.

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