Saturday, November 06, 2010

Sisters in Spirit shut down

It was only last week that Status of Women Minister Rona Ambrose praised Sisters in Spirit when she announced details of a $10 million national strategy to address "the disturbing issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women" :
"The journey truly began with an initiative called Sisters in Spirit that was led by the Native Women’s Association of Canada. The association has undertaken an incredible amount of research... they have brought to light the shocking extent of these horrendous acts of violence."
Yet Rona's Status of Women government webpage announcing the new strategy makes no mention of Sisters in Spirit at all and now the APTN News reports that Sisters have been excluded from receiving any of that $10M.
Instead they must apply to Status of Women for less money under new rules which will prohibit them from continuing to use the name Sisters in Spirit, or maintaining and extending their research database of nearly 600 missing aboriginal women, or lobbying government.
Con MP Shelly Glover, Parliamentary Secretary for Indian and Northern Affairs :
"That project was finished. Don’t mix apples and oranges. That project was finished, now we’re working with them to pursue other projects."
Other projects? Bullshit.
Sisters in Spirit is their database and their advocacy work and their vigils. That's who they are.
So where's that $10M going? A good chunk to the RCMP.
Get more details in a very good 2 minute news vid from APTN. Go.
Then write an effing letter :
Rona Ambrose : Phone : (613) 996-9778
Shelly Glover : Phone : (613) 995-0579
SWC NDP Irene Mathyssen : Phone : (519) 685-4745
SWC Lib Anita Neville : Phone : (204) 983-1355
SWC Bloc Nicole Demers : Phone : (450) 686-2562


skdadl said...

What a perverse game Ambrose and Glover are playing. Tweeted this post as well, Alison.

double nickel said...

WTF? The shit these Reformatories get away with never ceases to amaze me.

WILLY said...

"Restricting funds from being used for research and policy work"

Because the Harper reformatories must directly control all research and the messaging of the results.

So the money goes to the RCMP project that will no longer highlight the unbelievable plight of aboriginal women but instead throw it into a mix of stats that will hide what has been happening in our country.

Perverse indeed.

Beijing York said...

They are making up rules as they go along.

Beijing York said...

For your list of contacts, BQ Nicole Demers:

Boris said...

Simply appalling.

Alison said...

Thanks, Beijing, added.

Anonymous said...

"Restricting funds from being used for research and policy work"

And lobbying. Which makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Anon : Like without the lobbying and advocacy work, we would have heard about any of the disappeared in the first place.
Who are apparently about to be disappeared all over again.


Anonymous said...

Where is mainstream media on this??? Shame!!

Kim said...

Thanks for sharing this Alison. I have written them all, and shared the APTN link on Facebook.

Kim said...

So far, Nicole Demers is the only one who has replied to my email. My MP announced his retirement today. Good riddance to Keith Martin! Next?

Anonymous said...

Interesting... Glover is Metis.

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