Tuesday, August 09, 2011

"Harper went to the bathroom for 'regular reasons' "

reports Brazilian Foreign Ministry official Carlos de Abreu, hoping to refute an earlier story in the local Brazilian press that Steve had locked himself in the bathroom in a hissy fit over press arrangements not to his liking and wouldn't come out till they were changed.

Personally I think the revised explanation of Steve's actions on the world stage lacks a certain gravitas.


Holly Stick said...

The jokes just write themselves, don't they?

Maybe he's trying to imitate somebody. It's been said that Martin Luther was constipated and Napoleon had hemorrhoids. Hitler and Stalin are said to have suffered from constipation and flatulence. (I can't find any reputable-looking references, though.)

wv = chafedb

Heh, heh, shoulda used baby powder.

Holly Stick said...

And remember those kids fainting behind Harper?


fern hill said...

Hey, Alison, you got a linky at HuntingtonPost. They know whom to read. ;)

Steve said...

Another clear victory for the Harper run main stream media. Barely a mention, if this had been Paul Martin or Jack Layton it would be front page news.

Boris said...

I wonder if Harper's "regular reasons' are somewhat different than most peoples. Does he make a habit of locking himself in the bathroom when he has a 'moment'...

thwap said...

I think Hitler's Bormann [Sp?] had flatulence problems.

harper is a piece of shit himself. I don't know why he feels the need to go to a locked room to allow pieces of himself to fall off.

Anonymous said...

Thwap: performance anxiety?

Anonymous said...

Does everyone remember...Harper sending his henchmen, to Guelph University to stop the students from voting? They even tried to steal the ballot boxes. Paranoid dictator anyone?

Harper does not permit scientists, to publish the results of their studies. They have to go through Harper first. Needless to say, the results are altered. Dictatorship?

Canada is giving Europe false statements, regarding the dirty tar sands. There is a lot of info, that has come out that one.

Harper is shoving his responsibilities, onto the provinces. Health care and meat inspections, are two of them.

Harper is only focused on Harper. He desperately wants to be an energy giant, he wants to bask, in his power and glory. His wars, are very important. Building up his war machine, is a priority. Building his gulags, is also on his list.

All Harper does for the people is, to offer his disdain. He is also waiting for, BC's HST. Harper was drooling at the mouth for that unfair tax grab. Harper, Campbell and Hansen, FORCED the HST onto the BC people.

Harper is only interested in, what he can take from the citizens, to feed his ego of an energy giant. He isn't even governing this country.

Canada is falling apart while, Harper plays his piano, and sings his Beetles songs

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