Thursday, October 20, 2011

The George and Bill Show comes to Surrey

[updated below]

And hey, you could win a CBSA cash reward!

George W. Bush in Surrey 
Thursday Oct. 20
Tickets - $599 per head. No media allowed.

Thursday, October 20, 11:00 am
Gather at the parking lot outside the Bay, Guildford Mall, SW corner of 152 St. & 104 Ave.
If you are coming from Occupy Vancouver at the Vancouver Art Gallery, Amnesty International is organizing a contingent leaving from there at 9:15am at taking the Skytrain to Surrey.
Transit :Take the Expo Line to Gateway Station in Surrey, then the 332 bus to Guildford, exit 104 Ave and 150 St. , walk to 152 St.

But remember what CBSA says : Don't try to make the arrest yourself. That's the RCMP's job. 

Via Stephen Hui at the Georgia Straight : the Surrey Regional Economic Summit's proud corporate sponsors at left. Click pic to read.

Brigette DePape spoke to the 200 or so demonstrators outside.

Glob showed vid of Occupy Vancouver folks arriving.

Inside : BC premier Christy Clark attended, Kevin Falcon's former flackman was one of the organizers, and honorary chair of the summit Surrey mayor Diane Watts was interviewed about torture.

Matt Eisenbrandt in Embassy Mag : The case for Canadian prosecution of George W. Bush

"The government has recently taken a very public position that Canada should not be a safe haven for alleged torturers and war criminals. To open its doors yet again to Mr. Bush sets a disturbing double standard."


thwap said...

For his sake, bush II better just slowly throw himself at the feet of the RCMP officers who come to arrest him or he'll end up tasered to death.

Or is it crazy to imagine that our national police force cares about international law and arresting war criminals?

Alison said...

Yes it's crazy. They know their job is to protect Bush&Bill from the protesters.

thwap said...

Yeah. Killing innocent people without power is more their speed.


thwap said...

Shit. I'm pretty narrow. I just noticed: $600 a head?

Who but a fucking greed-head asshole scum-bag would pay six-hundred bucks to watch a stammering moron drool into a microphone?

Fuck-faced monsters.

Alison said...

Thwap : Who indeed. See update.

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