Saturday, October 01, 2011

Tony Gazebo's new bizcard

Apparently Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird did not much care for the wordmark "Canada" being larger than his name on his business card so he had it deleted altogether and some goldleaf embossing added instead.

We can hardly wait to see Tony Gazebo's response on his new Treasury Board bizcard.



Dr.Dawg said...

Heh. Made my morning!

Holly Stick said...

That is just amazing.

900ft Jesus said...

make sure T.C. pays you a fair price for that design. Excellent!

chris said...

That's great, Alison. He could have it printed (embossed?) on neatly folded hundred dollar bills.

Holly Stick said...

Jason Kenney also dropped "Canada" from his card:!/a_picazo/status/120611486258302977

Anonymous said...

Then perhaps it's true.

Canada is going to be the largest state, in the good old U.S.A. Is that why, the name of Canada is coming off biz cards? Do you think???

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