Thursday, October 06, 2011

Occupy Wall Street - Day 19

Yeah, that terrifying-looking kid definitely needs arresting.
h/t enigma4ever

Ditto this armless man.

So what is it they want? a puzzled media asks over and over again. What are their demands?

After a 30 second ad - sorry! - and a quick rundown on the events of Day 19, Keith Olberman reads the Declaration of the Occupation of New York City, voted on by all members of Occupy Wall Street on Sept 29.

Dear thickie media : Hope this helps ....

Update : Great pix at Cryptome of the huge daytime crowds. Introducing Lieutenant Brian Connolly and his now famous nightstick.
Very moving : We Are the 99 Percent

And finally Occupy Portland : This is how it's supposed to work.
#OWS ...



thwap said...

My reaction to the advertisement the first time around was because i thought that i was watching via some alternative news site trying to champion an anti-capitalist movement, and the first thing i saw was some saccharine ad for laundry soap.

It just threw me off.

Also, at the time, the sound of a smattering applause from a few dozen protesters which i heard when i finally got through the capitalist ad was a sound that was depressingly all too familiar to me.

Surprisingly, the occupation managed to last long enough to get people talking.

Now i have to look at your new videos and find out whether it was destroyed and dispersed.

Holly Stick said...

Our favourite media panel ;) will be discussing OWS on Q tomorrow morning.

Alison said...

Holly ; And who will be the first to do liberal handwringing that OWS hasn't been clear about what it wants? Will it be John? Will it be Margaret? ;-)

Thwap : Lolz -yes I was thinking of you when I apologized for yet another opening ad. It is annoying I grant you but it's the only way to get free streaming.

So - 16 days later. They stuck it out, huh? And now it's spread to other cities. Whatever happens from here on in, we're looking at a live learning curve on direct democracy here. First hopeful sign in the public sphere I've seen in decades. :-)

Holly Stick said...

Lang & O'Leary interview Hedges:'Leary_Exchange/1319430780/ID=2149202610

Tweeted by Dan Gardner:!/dgardner/status/122349485098680320

"BTW, I actually found myself cheering Chris Hedges. Remarkable. Astonishing. Well done, Kevin O'Leary."!/dgardner/status/122352001244868608

Alison said...

Thanks, Holly Stick. Late in from work, put up the vid and a transcript because Hedges' argument bears repeating.

O'Leary - what a wally.

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