Friday, February 17, 2012

Gutter politics, you say?

So the government which used the private medical records of Vets activist Sean Bruyea and Vets Review Board member Harold Leduc to smear them, and the private government correspondence of diplomat Richard Colvin to smear him - the same government which defended its dirty phone tricks campaign as "vital free speech" according to Conservative House Leader Peter Van Loan - is now going all Angry Baird that someone twittered already publicly available info about Toews in response to his Awful Access internet spying Act.


Public Safety Minister Vic Toews wants an investigation into someone repeating stuff about him that was already published in the MSM nearly four years ago?

What an absolutely awesome example of how they would use their Awful Access Act.

Saturday. Updates from my betters :
CBC : Online surveillance bill opens door for Big Brother
Canadian Privacy Law Blog : The hidden gag order of Bill C-30

The very funny Tabatha Southey : If only Tory caucus walls could talk 

Jeff Jedras : Vikileaks and the death of the journalist as news gatekeeper



Anonymous said...

The dirty phone tricks campaign was contracted out. If you're a conservative, as long as you pay someone to do your dirty work it magically becomes perfectly moral, ethical, and legal. Somehow.

liberal supporter said...

It seems the bill will be amended so it's not just for finding child pornographers, but also anyone who insults Imam Toews. Just think, if c30 was already law, we wouldn't have all the mumbo jumbo of asking the Speaker to investigate, the night watchman would have sufficient authority to demand all information on the IP number without a warrant. Goons are going without useful work until c30 gets passed.

Whoever is behind vikileaks is probably deliberately using a proxy. That is to point out the fact that a computer can be "rooted" and then whoever is controlling it can do what they want and it appears to come from the IP number of the rooted machine.

Unlike the so called "it's like a telephone book", it's not. Someone would have to attach wires to your phone line to spoof your phone in the real world. But in computers, all that is required that a computer be unattended for 10 minutes and someone can install a root kit on it. Or trick you into visiting an attack web site.

Then you go on your merry way, while someone else uses your IP number to plot terrorist acts, or worse, distribute child porn, or that most heinous of crimes, violating Vic's right not to be offended.

Anonymous said...

After The Citizen announced in its little vikileaks sting operation this morning that :
"IP addresses are like fingerprints on the Internet."
*eye roll*
"the address has been frequently used to update Wikipedia articles, often giving them what appears to be a pro-NDP bias",

the managing editor of the Citizen Andrew Potter is now tweeting:

"There is some confusion over this, but in no way did my newspaper suggest or insinuate or imply the NDP was behind the @Vikileaks30 feed."

Your little gatekeeper world is dying, MSM.

Anonymous said...

PS It took me several tries to get my comment through. The new blogger wv system is almost completely unreadable.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the cons can dish it out, but when they get even a TASTE of their bullying returned, they act like beaten dogs & whine about it.

Too bad we have such cowards running things eh.


Alison said...

Hey, Anon, you should try the audible wv kindly offered by blogger as an alternative - I've got bathmats that speak more clearly.

Ugh, Potter said that? Maybe it was pointed out to him that someone answering their planted gmail and any one of hundreds of other people setting up a twitter account from the same HoC account are not interchangeable internet events. And that's not even considering that it may, as Lib Supporter points out, have been rooted.

Lib Supporter : That does seem to have been vikileak's point - that getting ISPs to set up backdoors for Toews will just make them even more hackable than they already are. Not at all knowledgeable about this myself - rely on Michael Geist and others more expert here.

Via Montreal Simon - news of a hidden gag order in this thing as well.
Double ugh.

Anonymous said...

re "any one of hundreds of other people at the same HoC account"

Actually, Alison, it's over four thousand people funneled through four IP addresses behind a firewall.

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