Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Steve's Margin of Victory - revised

Revised list of the12 ridings with the slimmest margins of victory which gave Steve his majority. 
My original list from May 5, 2011 is back here, with corrected details and more data.
The Sixth Estate's list of alleged electoral fraud is now up to 50 68 77, 100 ridings,  6 of which appear here on the list of closest vote margins.
Update : As per David P Ball of the Vancouver Observer in comments below : his list of the top 11-closest Conservative wins where robo-call fraud is alleged, along with a little background on each of those ridings.
"The top 11 "robo-call" ridings amount to a 14,813 vote margin - almost exactly 0.01 per cent of voters."


Anonymous said...

Up to 55 ridings according to Sixth Estate!

Peace babies!

Alison said...

Now 56! Just 452 to go before prorogue!

David P. Ball said...

Great data, thanks for posting.

I crunched the numbers specifically for the 11-closest Conservative wins where robo-call fraud is alleged:


Alison said...

Thanks, David - an excellent resource. Have added to post.
Sixth Estate has added another 12 to his list since you posted, so you may need to update too!

And may I say I think it's absolutely brilliant how everyone is furiously networking this.

double nickel said...

“This is the whole point : the central campaign does not know because they had absolutely no idea it was happening.”

IF they didn't know, WHY didn't they know?

Anonymous said...

Star : Elections Canada probing fraudulent calls in Ontario riding of Nipissing-Temiskaming


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