Monday, February 20, 2012

Oh sting, where is thy death?

Following the Ottawa Citizen's attempted sting to determine who was behind the Vikileaks twitter account targeting Vic Toews last week, the House Speaker's Office patiently explained that really it could be any one of over 4,000 people :
"The HoC, like many organizations, uses a series of private IP addresses for its internal network.  Having said that, when users are using the internet, they are only identified with one of our four public IP addresses. To support this approach we use a concept called NAT (Network Address Translation). All users, on the Parliamentary Network (over 4000), when using the internet, are publicly identified with one of these four unique addresses. 
As an example, if we had 100 users using the internet at once from the HOC, they would all be identified with one of the four addresses. Hence, just by looking at the IP address that is used on the internet you cannot correlate this to a person from the organization. "
Gosh I'll bet the Cons feel pretty silly now that Angry Baird raved away six times in the House on Friday that the NDP was behind the “sleazy, dirty” internet campaign, huh?

Here's Steve's Parliamentary Secretary Dean Del Mastro talking about it on CTV's Question Period last night :
"Well we know that the Ottawa Citizen set up a bit of a trap and in fact it seems pretty clear that the NDP's behind it .... What the NDP have demonstrated is that they will punch below the belt repeatedly and it doesn't matter. They put on this facade that they are clean and lilywhite but I can tell you in this case what the NDP has done, we would never do. Shame on them and they should come out and admit who's behind it and frankly take responsibilty for what they have done. It's wrong.
We know this is from an NDP computer. They should come out and admit who has done it and take responsibility and apologise. Canadians do not appreciate this kind of attack ... etc etc" 
And so it goes ...
Update : And in other Skynet surveillance news ...
UK government to demand access to all phone and internet user data
The British government is in the process of developing a scheme whereby all phone companies and broadband internet providers will be required to store customer transaction data for a year and hand it over to security services upon request.


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable that it was the Citizen's internet technology writer that wrote that ignorant hit piece.

Anonymous said...

He was ordered to write that.

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