Saturday, January 20, 2007

Getting things wrong for all of us

March 2006 : "Not a red cent to Hamas", MacKay says
"Canada has ended all relations with the new Palestinian government, Ottawa announced Wednesday."

After we didn't like how their election turned out, we were the first country in the world after Israel to suspend diplomatic relations and aid to Palestine. Abbas was elected the year before.

December 2006 : MacKay wants Mideast peace role
"Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay said he will go to the Middle East in the New Year to try to revive peace talks in the region.
"I would love to, in some fashion, be able to facilitate a coming together and a discussion." "

Jan 2007 : MacKay meets Abbas, but there's no welcome mat
"Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay emerged yesterday from a tête-à-tête with Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas with little to say after a meeting in which the Palestinian side appeared to have scant interest.

Mr. Abbas's top aide suggested that Canada's decision to cut aid to the Palestinian Authority after Hamas won control of it in elections last year, and its refusal to allow diplomats to meet with PA officials, has diminished whatever influence Canada once had in the region.
"Canada has become less friendly to the Palestinians under Prime Minister Stephen Harper.... Canada's policies in the region are now almost indistinguishable from those of the United States." "

So much for : Getting Things Done on the World Stage

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Dave said...

Ah yes... reduced to irrelevance by becoming a water-carrier for the Bush administration.

Well done, Petie, well done.

"Perhaps, the time has come," the sailor said, "to hand the world back to the grown-ups. You kids have some wonderful ideas but you fuck them up before you give anyone a chance to think them through."

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