Friday, November 30, 2007

Havril does HelloKitty

Although we are still miffed that VANOC declined our own brilliant submission above for the What-a-Colossal-Waste-of-Freakin-Money™ mascot contest, we are pleased to see that, as promised, Havril has a provided an alternate set for a completely unrelated event, along with the following disclaimer :
"The phrases "Olympic", "Games", "2010", "Winter", "Cold", "Snow", "Snow Bunny", and "Baby Jesus" are, we think, registered trademarks of VANOC. So are, we assume, the phrases "We've Trademarked Everything So You Can't Say Anything", "Colossal Waste of $$$$$", and "Why, Yes, $580 Million Would Feed a Lot of Hungry Kids". Until Tuesday, we thought the phrases "Pokemon" and "Hello Kitty" weren't, but now we aren't so sure."
Heh, heh. Go.
And while some of us are in the business of direct-to-landfill marketing to children, still others are hoping to make a yuletide buck off the $500K misfortunes of others. We are only disappointed it doesn't come in a thong.


Havril said...
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Havril said...

Okay, the VANCROC(TM) Anamunchkins(QT) are fair game, but must you drag Mr. Stay-Puffed(OMG) into this? I'm so telling Dan Akryod.

Consider yourself warned: you defile the Pilsbury Doughboy(HDL), and can say goodbye to any prospect of my wife and I naming our first child after you.

RossK said...

And what about Stay-Puft and Marshmallow?

Have they got those ones too?


ottawonk said...

yeah, everyone could use a little more pasta consultancy in their pants ...

Alison said...

Ottawonk : Oh you so just put those up there this minute!
OK, so now we all know you come in a thong. *snerk*

Ross : Ok, so what about 'unfair use' then? Do I qualify for that at least?

Hav : That's a lovely thought, even retracted, but do you really want your kid to be called "Creeky" all the way through high school?
And I know I'm going to regret this but what is (HDL)?

Havril said...

We were thinking "Crick" for short, but you are right -- kids can be cruel.

HDL is type of cholesterol. Actually, I think HDL is the 'good' cholesterol, while LDL is bad. My bad.

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