Monday, November 12, 2007

Steve and Sandra throw Brian under a bus

To : The Ministers of Whatever and your various meaningless minions
From : The PMO
"Effective immediately and until further notice, none of you are to utter the name Brian for any reason whatsoever. Needless to say, talking to anyone named Brian is also strictly forbidden. Some of you nobodies have displayed the unfortunate lack of foresight to name your firstborn Brian. Too bad, no exceptions.
Sandra Buckler

PSA : Steve Won't Teabag Brian No More
TGB : Trouble in the Conservative Sandbox


Q said...

Under an airbus...muahahaha

Oh yes, Brian under oath long ago, I've never met or had any business dealings with Schreiber....maybe we could get our 2 million back too while we're at it.

Anonymous said...

CBC had this as their top story this morning by having two Con supporters say it isn't that big a deal really.
Stove-piping was mentioned several times - so not Harper's fault then if the Privy Council doesn't tell him what's going on? Bah.

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