Friday, November 16, 2007

Welcome to Canada : We speak English, French, and Taser

Daev at Designated Protest Zone gives such a good synopsis of the state-sponsored execution of Robert Dziekanski that I'm just going to pillage the whole thing :

"The terminal was basically empty, the man never posed any sort of danger to anyone (least of all four armed cops), the police readied their tasers before entering the area near Mr. Dziekanski and assessing the situation, addressed Dziekanski only in English after they had been told he did not speak the language, tasered him at least twice (the second time after they climbed on top of him) even after Dziekanski appeared relieved at the officers' intial appearance, applied their full body weight to Dziekanski's midsection (which can be deadly after being tasered due to respiratory muscle paralysis), and then made no attempt to revive him beyond checking for a pulse after he went totally limp.
No thanks for the Vancouver International Airport for treating Dziekanski like some sort of caged animal for 10 hours and offering zero assistance."

And even with 8 minutes of video evidence, the RCMP have the unmitigated gall to trot this out:

"What I urge is that those watching the video, take note of that. Put what they've seen aside for the time being. And wait to hear the totality of the evidence at the time of the inquest," Carr said."

Daev ends with a biting bitter quote from Cartman at EnMasse :
"Fuck this shit. The police killed a guy because he was emotional and was breaking STUFF. They can take it out of his airport improvement fee."
Update : HOLY SHIT
From Tim in comments :
Introducing the TASER XREP, a projectile taser with a range of 100 feet that fires from a 12-gauge shotgun.
A "microprocessor controlled optimal electrode selection technology" checks 20 times a second for the best electrode connection to achieve the greatest incapacitation. It is expected that the victim will grab at it which closes another connection to prevent him/her from letting go and shocking the victim further.
100 feet? 100 feet! That's crowd control.


daev said...

Pillage away, Alison!

I was just shaking with anger when I wrote that, and when I reread it, I start shaking again. This has been such a sickening, depressing 24 hours, I can't imagine what Robert Dziekanski's mother must be going through. God help our democracy, or what's left of it.

Anonymous said...

Alison : Introducing the TASER XRP

Alison said...

Thank you, Daev. It was one of your many excellent posts. Now we need to turn all this weeping and outrage into action.

Tim :Holy shit! 100 foot range!
And the language! I hate this shit.

Bazz said...

This whole situation is bloody obscene, is what it is. I watched the video yesterday, and it's absolutely heartbreaking. I mean, what is wrong with those cops' brains?

Anonymous said...

Good editorial today in the Globe and Mail (via comments at our place).

"Set aside what you've SEEN ..." 'Cause, o' course, what you SAW -- over and over again -- is just one version of events ... How very PoMo of the RCMP.

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