Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Circling the wagons for TASER™

Feb 12, 2009 : Tasers potentially lethal, RCMP head tells MPs when introducing new TASER™ policy guidelines to a House of Commons public safety committee in Ottawa :

RCMP Commissioner William Elliott :

"The RCMP's revised CEW policy underscores that there are risks associated with the deployment of the device and emphasizes that those risks include the risk of death."
Feb 25, 2009 : Police defend use of tasers and proclaim their safety when they want to expand their usage in the face of an increasingly hostile public :

Chief Tom Kaye, VP of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police :

"To date, there is no evidence, either scientific of medical, that a conducted energy weapon has been the direct cause of death anywhere at any time on any person."

Charles Momy, the president of the Canadian Police Association :

"There has been no research to indicate clearly that tasers are involved in the deaths of any of the individuals that we've seen in the past years."

Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino:

"150 studies worldwide have proven that “there is no direct link in any case in which a taser was deployed” to show that it was linked to the demise of an individual"

Bottom line : All officers need Tasers, police associations say

Hey, guys, does TASER™ still sponsor your annual Canadian Conference of Chiefs of Police? Just askin' .


Q said...

...and 9 out of 10 doctors smoke Camels.

Boris said...

I wonder how many police would use the weapons if their job depended on whether the target person lived or died.

Can we have new cops already please?

Anonymous said...

In Greece the cops murder a boy with a gun and the country spasms in riots.
In Canada the death toll from cop taser murders is double digit and Canadians pick their nose eat it and roll over back to sleep.
Tasers work because the psycho cops can claim they didn't "mean to" kill anybody.
We are so fucked.

Oemissions said...

What an awful invention.
Wild animals get tranquilized, wouldn't that be better than this ridiculous taser thing? 5 hits on Dziekanski, handcuffs and hobbles too.Almost the whole shebang.
Don't the psychologists call this sado masochism?

RossK said...


Either that or 'Marketing Gone Mad!'

(come to think of it, the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive)


Anonymous said...

Is everyone clicking thru to the link about Taser being a sponsor for the annual Canadian Conference of Chiefs of Police?
How the fuck is that even legal?


Excited-Delirium.com said...

My blog has about 800 posts all about tasers, Taser International and their naughty behaviour.

(don't forget the dash)

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