Sunday, January 10, 2010

Keeping score on Facebook

When Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament started up on Facebook last week, supporters of last year's Canadians Against a Liberal/NDP Coalition Gov't were all very dissy about it : We got 127,000 members in less than a week - crowed BloggingTory Stephen Taylor - the largest Canadian FB group evah!

Of course now that CAPP membership has reached 140,000 150,000, they've gone all 'well fuck facebook then', and the National Post is plumping for the 163 Canadians Who Don't Care if Harper is Proroguing Parliament Give a Rat's Ass About It
As CC points out, the prorogue FB support group are of course the real competition to CAPP and not the anti-coalition group, but Susan Delacourt points out an important difference between anti-prorogue group and the anti-coalition group for us anyway (h/t Dammit Janet) :

"This new Facebook group is counting on people to educate themselves about parliamentary tradition, practice and principle. The old Facebook group was organized around the notion of 'never mind parliamentary rules about majority/minority and confidence, this thing is wrong.'

In other words, you have to understand basic rules of Parliament to understand why this prorogation is unusual; you had to ignore parliamentary rules to argue the coalition was wrong."

And right there Susan nails the basic difference between progressives and the ReformaTories.


Chrystal Ocean said...

This post is an example why your blog is my favourite of all them.

CanNurse said...

Hate to be so unoriginal, but Chrystal said it best, so I say "Me too!"

MAQAW said...

At the site for prorogation, why does the maple leaf look like the star of david.?

Holly Stick said...

It looks like it's based on the 1967 centennial symbol with a blue triangle added at the bottom (symbolic of the Conservatives' downward slide?)

I don't know what they've done to the top triangle; is that the pyramid from the American dollar?

Oemissions said...

Last tear Harper, Baird and co. were yelling "socialists" and "separatists" and telling us that Canadians don't want that.
This year the were saying that we don't really care.

Oemissions said...

darn,miss key: last year...
this year...

Alison said...

Chrystal, CanNurse, thank you for your kind words. Onward, bloggy wikis!

Maqaw, Holly : Site creator answered that it's not a Star of David when questioned about it on his site. He also said he despises Harper, but not more than he does any of the others.

O : Did you hear Tom Flanagan on CBC Power Panel tonight?
"The government's talking points don't have much credibility. Everybody knows that Parliament was prorogued in order to shut down the Afghan inquiry, and the trouble is that the government doesn't want to explain why that was necessary. I personally think that was a highly defensible action but instead of having an adult defence of it the government comes up with these childish talking points so then you try to backfill with other stuff that doesn't make much sense either so it's a self-created problem.
I hope no one thinks I'm a harper stooge anymore."

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