Saturday, January 23, 2010

"No Prorogue!" Rally for Canada today

As I type this, a Canadian named Sarah is marching in a one-woman No Prorogue protest in Brunei, the day's first. Soon there will be others in Trafalger Square and The Hague, with New York, Dallas Texas, and San Francisco joining in later on.
63 rallies across Canada and their fb pages listed here
The Vancouver meet up is on Georgia St. with a march to Victory Square.
Boots on the streets, people, boots on the streets.


Milan said...

Here are some photos and videos from the anti-prorogation rally in Ottawa.

West End Bob said...

Good to see, hug and grope* you today, Dear Lady.

*Wanna see how you handle that one with the "e"-dude . . . . ;-)

Alison said...

Bob : Lol, like he ever reads my blog. Wonderful to see you too.

Milan : I love your all-purpose ultimate Canadian protest pic!

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