Sunday, January 17, 2010

A stick

On Tuesday NATO troops fired into a crowd of anti-NATO Afghan demonstrators in the Garmsir district of Helmand, killing either 7 or 13, and wounding others.

On Wednesday between 200 and 400 villagers came out to protest the previous day's killings and NATO fired on the demonstrators again, wounding another 5, after one civilian struck at NATO forces with a stick.

Reuters :

"A number of civilians in the crowd disregarded instructions, resulting in forces firing warning shots. Deliberative escalation of force procedures were followed, but one individual continued to ignore instructions, striking members of the combined force with a stick," the statement said.

Lieutenant-Colonel Todd Breasseale said both Afghan troops and the U.S. Marines subsequently fired on the crowd.

"People started behaving dangerously and unfortunately things like this happen."

A stick.


West End Bob said...

Shouldn't the military's correct response have been a carrot rather than guns ? ? ? ?

Boris said...

Occupation army is passed it's use-by date and the troops are worn out and sloppy.

A friend once describe a riot he was at in Bosnia where demonstrators were throwing rocks at NATO troops. While the ROEs suggested that the troops could have technically opened fire on the crowd, they did not.

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