Saturday, February 20, 2010

Duffy and Greene do Triumph of the Swill

Senator Mike Duffy's covering email for the above Con fundraiser : "Thank you for taking a few minutes during this busy time to reinvigorate our Canadian pride, by listening to the Conservative story – Canada’s story. Our athletes’ success on home soil makes us think about the Conservatives incredible track record of historical firsts."

Cue Senator "Nance" Greene Raine : "In fact, with the proper training and preparation, all Canadians can achieve their goals, much like the goals Conservatives have achieved in history ... and with our strong leader, Canada will continue to compete with the world's best."

Own that Odium!



900ft Jesus said...

Sickening. Even when you knew it was coming, it's still beyond disgusting when you actually hear and see it.

I am so sick of the CONs trying to re-define Canada and Canadians as conservative - real Canadians are this and that, and they are conservatives.

Some real douches in the Senate now, as well. Expected it fully from Duffy and Findlay, but thought there was a chance Wallin and Greene might not be such complete, parroting partisans.

Anonymous said...

Triumph of the Swill.


Kim said...

Pown that Odium!

Holly Stick said...

Couldn't they have found an annoucer who looked a little more athletic? And what's with the subliminal white on black messages?

"You are getting sleepy... We are not partisan... No really, we are not partisan..."

chris said...

Just sitting here sharpening my pitchfork and waiting for the call.

It better come soon.

the regina mom said...

The quotes are edited into the original, Holly. It actually made it much more palatable for me. Not that it's at all palatable, just that I could not watch the entire original piece someone posted on Fbook. This one, I made it through to the end.

Holly Stick said...

Ah, I wasn't paying close enough attention to realize that someone had been messing with it; though I did think the laughter at the end was a little weird.

I was just too busy thinking, "Why Duffy, for Pete's sake?"

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