Thursday, February 25, 2010

Max for PM? You betcha!

C'mon, he's decorative, he's dumb, and besides, since he came out today as a climate change 'skeptic', the Blogging Tories have been falling all over themselves to get their teabagging credentials in order :

"Maxime really is great!!! Keep up the good work Maxime. One day you will be HM PM.

"You had me at Bonjour"

"Finally a Canadian Conservative Speaks Truth"

"Enter Maxime Bernier with a daring volley launched in the heart of climate lunacy."

"Maxime Bernier for Prime Minister! Finally, someone on the government side with the cajones to speak out."

Finally - I think they meant to say - a Sarah Palin with cajones.
Max speaks :

"What is certain is that it would be irresponsible to spend billions of dollars and to impose unnecessarily stringent regulations to solve a problem whose gravity we still are not certain about."
Gravity? Gravity is also a hoax! The earth sucks! Max for PM! You betcha! Also! Too!


Boris said...

Looking for Daddy: a history of Canadian conservative supporters since Reform

Anonymous said...

Max was caught with his pants down, that's why he lost his job last year. He's apretty boy and a lightweight.

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