Friday, February 05, 2010

Tony Clement channels George Bush

Industry Minister Tony Clement reprises George Bush's 2004 "Hard Work" performance:
"There’s no question that when we reviewed the situation there is a lot of work to be done. We’re doing work right now," he explained. "When the session does convene there’s no question that there’ll be a lot of work for Parliamentarians to do. And just as we’ve been working hard in our constituencies and throughout Canada, there’ll be a lot of work for Parliament to do after March 3."
A meddlesome reporter asked the minister if perhaps he had erred in suggesting only the chattering classes were particularly interested in the business of Parliament.
"I guess what I can tell you, again, is we’re working hard," Mr. Clement explained. "We’re working hard on behalf of Canadians. On behalf of their hopes and aspirations."
Proroguin' and recalibratin' - it's hard work. Not just anyone can do it.


thwap said...

"Not just anyone can do it."

That's true. You have to be a brain-dead, untalented, corporate shill to really even want to try.

Marcus said...

The whole Harper tenure could be summed up in a picture of "The Harp" at a news conference pointing to GWB, Obama and a CEO, with the caption "What he said"

chris said...

If only they would pay more attention to Sarah Palin they could be progressing Canada much betterer.

chris said...

Spoke too soon.


Alison said...

Chris : Yeah. Will post something up at the Beav about it.
All these years of inveighing against SPP and TILMA, and finally it's proroguing parliament that allows Steve to push this through.

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