Monday, March 15, 2010

Dear Frank

In your last go round with whitewashing government complicity in torture, it took you 16 months to determine that even though :

1)CSIS and the RCMP "mistakenly" advised Egyptian and Syrian authorities that Canadian citizens Ahmad El Maati and Abdullah Almalki were "associated with Al Qaeda" and an "imminent threat to public security" and a "confessed terrorist" and that El Maati was "involved in a plan to commit a terrorist act in Canada", resulting in

2)El Maati being subjected to "electric shock to his hands, back and genitals, and sleep deprivation while being subjected to excruciatingly painful stress torture for days on end", and that subsequently

3)CSIS fired off a handy list of questions to be put to them,

you ultimately determined in your report that :

"I found no evidence that any of these of these officials were seeking to do anything other than carry out conscientiously the duties and responsibilities of the institutions of which they were part."

"It seems inevitable, in the struggle against terrorism that mistakes of various kinds will be made."
After which the government redacted "about 20% of your findings from the public document for national security reasons."

So, really, Frank, who gives a fuck what you think this time round?

Yours truly,

When you write to Mr Iacobucci , I strongly advise sending Fern's letter instead.


Anonymous said...

Go, Alison!

Meanwhile there is nothing stopping Derek Lee from going ahead with his motion and the House going ahead with demanding the docs while Frank takes his year and a half to peruse them.

Kady good on this today.

Did you catch the Afghan committee meeting?


Alison said...

Ian : Thanks. AFGH was held "in camera" so no cameras.

Oemissions said...

Did you notice that his law firm is called Torys?

Alison said...

Yeah. Heh.
Hardly any real Tories left, all huddled together now and disguised as C.R.A.P.s

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