Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blue Dog Liberals : Banner day, assholes

1) You voted against stopping a $¼-million government subsidy to an asbestos lobby group.

2) You dogwhistled about abortion in your maternal health initiative for developing countries "wedge" motion but were too afraid to actually include the word.

3) You used the "wedge" motion - intended to smoke out the Cons - to give your own party a very public wedgie, losing the final vote : 144-138.

Bonus : 4) You voted for the Harper budget supplementary estimates by mistake, necessitating a redo.

A special shout out to the following Blue Dog Libs for voting against the maternal health motion : John McKay, Paul Szabo, and Dan McTeague, and to Albina Guarnieri and Gurbax Malhi who abstained.

Libs missing in action for the vote : Derek Lee, Anita Neville, Gerard Kennedy, Andrew Kania, Borys Wrzesnewskyj, Alan Tonks, Marlene Jennings, Joe Volpe, Lawrence MacAuley, Stephane Dion, Mario Silva and Jim Karygiannis.

*Blue Dog Democrats in the US oppose abortion, SSM, and gun control.



West End Bob said...

Excellent correlation, Lady Alison.

"drf" and I were just commenting on how worthless the "opposition" has become.

Your label for the post is priceless, BTW . . . .

Oemissions said...

they always have some sort of excuse, often saying they could write up something better.
now the libs are not supporting c-474

Cliff said...

About time for the Red Libs to realize the Blue Dog Libs and the Bay Street Libs are going to use them hard and put them away wet forever.

They don't respect them, they plan to never respect them. They'll push them in front for the cameras during campaigns and keep them chained up in the basement the rest of the time.

Libs who believe in reproductive freedoms, a robust safety net, peace and economic justice will still be getting used and abused by what's left of the Liberal Party long after the rest of us are all dead.

George Orwell, cheerful sod that he was, said the defining image of the future would be a boot smashing into a face again and again forever.

For those on the left wing of the Canadian Liberal Party it's John Manley's smirk. For him it's the back of their heads.

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