Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Driving under the influence of Helena Handbasket

Rahim Jaffer, ex-Reform/Alliance/Con MP, anti-drug crusader, hubby to federal Con cabinet minister Helena "hell hole" Guergis :
Busted for driving at nearly twice the legal speed limit, cocaine possession, flunked the breathalyzer

Drunk driving and cocaine charges reduced to "careless driving".
Sentence : $500 fine.

Jaffer after sentencing: "I took full responsibility for my careless driving."

That is just so Con.


Anonymous said...


Did they give him his cocaine back?


sucraM said...

The rich an powerful always get a slap on the wrist at worst. Funny how he didn't beg the judge to give him the mandatory minimum they all want so much.

Hypocrites all.

West End Bob said...

Don'cha just love the moral, upright reformaTories when they get caught with their drugs and alcohol showing? All it takes is a little political string-pulling and "poof!" problem solved!

crapola . . . .

Oemissions said...

WHY do Canadians overlook this stuff,turn a blind eye and continue to vote in the Cons?

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