Thursday, December 08, 2005

Dollars To Donuts of Mass Destruction

The private equity firm Carlyle Group, these guys, whose board has included the former prime ministers of UK, S Korea, the Philippines, and Thailand, plus some Saudi princes and Bushes Sr and Jr, and Colin Powell, is currently bidding to buy Dunkin' Donuts.

Ok, let's see, I'll have a dozen Bradley Fighting Vehicles, a half dozen mobile Howitzers, some hospitals and newspapers, and, oh yeah, throw in a few of those chocolate ones with the pink sprinkles on top to go.


Anonymous said...

Didn't Duncan Westby Donuts just run for council here?

Anonymous said...

Weapons of Mass Donuts?

West End Bob said...

"Oh, No", not Dunkin' Donuts!! Can Krispy Kreme be far behind?!?!

Speaking of food, is Olympia Pizza still on the agenda?

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