Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Maybe it's just me, but Unrent really doesn't seem to work as well as No Loop Road.

I do applaud the Undercurrent taking a stand regarding the local crisis in housing and squatters' rights, and the use of a similar woodland scene with grafitti was certainly a very clever tip-off as to how to fold the cover to find the secret message, but "Unrent" .... I just don't think it's punchy enough.


Anonymous said...

You didn't fold it right Mitch! It's supposed to say Urent, a seasonal beration from the privileged to the paeons. Then they really dig it in by saying Happy Holidays, pack off to the Bahamas, while the workers have no paid hours for a week thus engendering the year end struggle known as Happy Few Years.
To which I'd raise a toast if I had the bread. .

Anonymous said...

It's actually a small fold issue and should read "Unt".

Anonymous said...

Good one, anon. We're probably all working for UNT now. Bastards.

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