Saturday, December 17, 2005

Kayaking from Port Hardy

Photo taken by my brother Howard.
If you click on it, you can fall right in.


Scout said...

Holy foggy placid! Shutterbugging obviously runs in the family.

Chris said...

Beauty...that looks like it was taken last month during the fog...I had some great shots from that time too at

Alison said...

Chris : I did see yours.
I tried to leave you a message at Flicka but they kept asking for cookies and I didn't have any on me.
The one of the fog bank over Vancouver from the air was wonderful. I'm so jealous you get to fly in those little planes up and down the coast in all kinds of weather...

Plebe said...

Chris I got "page not found".

Alison, we know darned well you just don't like sharing your cookies. Be a good girl, take them out from behind the toaster. We all know they're there anyways.

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