Monday, December 19, 2005

Found languishing in Comments at the bottom of the page...

What this site needs is more recipes.

My recipe for post-spawn fish:
-find one spent fish by side of Lagoon
-walk home, pick up large chunks of salt found all over the road
-grab some of the 50lb of left over waste organic vegetables dumped daily by the Bloody Turnip due to the people who can't afford the vegetables being unable to buy them and the people who do have enough money not having enough time to cook them (due to excessive commuting time and general apathy they prefer the Bloody Turnip kitchen premade YUP! Meals)...
-drop by the recycling depot, grab a large can to use as a cooking pot (they never get squished, so don't worry about that)
-fill can with creekside water
-place all the ingredients in can that will fit, leave the rest out for the rats
-ingredients may be cooked in the engines of idling cars in the Cove, (just pop the hood, they'll never notice) or cook on various landclearing bonfires... both are plentiful on the Isle of Denial!


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Anonymous said...

Don't forget to toss in an old 45 of Scarborough St. Fair to get a brushing of parsely, sage, rosemary and thyme. Melted vinyl makes a great topping.

The Bloody Spud wishes you and yours a Stigmata Christmas.

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