Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Loop Road. Again.

One year ago the Bowen Island Taxpayers Association took out a full page ad in the Undercurrent in which they stated : "no other single issue has as much impact on the quality of life on this island as the quality of ferry service..."

Really? 'Quality of ferry service' is the No.1 'quality of life' issue here?

Bigger even than say, preserving our parkland? . Well apparently so.

Yesterday in the Undercurrent this same group wrote that they have unanimously concluded that we need to whack a 150' strip off the parkland north of Government Rd from the gas station to the library. Why? So we can sell it to raise enough money to put a two-lane ferry marshalling road through what would be left of it.

Note to Bowen Island Taxpayers Association : We didn't move here for the parking or the shopping or the ferry marshalling. We moved here for what anyone outside your organization would reasonably describe as 'quality of life'.

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Chris said...

As a taxpayer, the BITA doesn't represent my voice. And we soundly trounced every loop road candidate in the last eelction.

So as a community, I think we beg to differ with BITA.

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