Thursday, February 23, 2006

Uh oh, Toto, NaPo's gone to Kansas

"Canadian scientists want out of Darwin's rut" says the National Post headline.

What, all of them?
Well no, but one scientist did say that and, along with another eight, they signed a petition at the Discovery Institute, a right wing American think tank promoting Intelligent Design.
(For those of you who go outside from time to time instead of sitting here fretting about such things, here's an easy one to remember :
DI = ID, or Discovery Institute equals Intelligent Design.)

"A handful of Canadian scientists are speaking out against evolution as an explanation for all of life as we know it, saying the complexity of living things simply cannot be attributed to biological chance.
Nine university professors and others with science or engineering PhDs have added their names to an American petition that voices skepticism about the theory of evolution."

So who are these Canadian scientists?
The "Darwin rut" one who says "science must look beyond evolutionary theory" is a biochemistry and molecular biology prof at U of Calgary.
As he's in a relevant field here, we do have to take him seriously.
Oh look - he is also the one who states he "does not believe Intelligent Design is the answer".

Um, ok, so what about the others?
Two of them teach at Christian universities. Check, check.
One "runs an organization dedicated to the links between Islam and science". Mmm.
One is an ex-creationist and "a geophysics PhD and software developer who compares genetic systems to languages created by humans" and states (laughably) "There is no way I could create a code like this [DNA]". Meaning what...???
One is an electrical engineering PhD at IBM.
And the other three are a chair in chemistry at Lethbridge, a UBC anthropology emeritus, and a Waterloo U biology emeritus.

So, not exactly a revolution in the Canadian scientific community then.
Care to revise your bullshit headline, NaPo?



Anonymous said...

Not that I'm a "NaPo" fan or anything but I didn't think they did too bad a job on this. Got the facts out without looking biased.
Isn't it really the IDiots you're really pissed with here?

Alison said...

NaPo headline : "Canadian scientists want out of Darwin's rut"
NYT headline on the whole 500 list 2 days ago : "Few Biologists but Many Evangelicals Sign Anti-Evolution Petition"

350 scientists on that petition have nothing at all to do with evolution and some of the biologists who did sign it don't like ID.

See the difference now?

snickertybiggetz said...

Alison, I think you would like Check out the kidz pages especially.

snickertybiggetz said...

more specifically:

Alison said...

Snickertybiggetz :

Many thanks for a terrific link.
I'm going to ask their permission to post some of their pix along with a link on Sunday, which I try to reserve for serious religious matters.

You already know about ,right?

Anonymous said...

Darwin himself turned against his own theory, but when it gets right down to it, these 350 scientists have gone ape. Or is that anti-ape? Oh no, the Anti-Ape is coming!!!!!!!!

Dan Johnson said...

Don't worry - scientists are actually getting results now, by employing the methods of scientific creationism. Just look:

Dan Johnson said...

And the mechanisms are all well worked out..

We can certainly believe that, if we believe that

silly old myth

Darwin recanting on his deathbed.

Anonymous said...

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