Wednesday, May 10, 2006


"Accepting gifts, including free Ottawa Senators playoff tickets in luxury corporate boxes, continue to be acceptable for Conservative MPs in Stephen Harper's government, despite criticism of the practice when the Tories were in opposition." ~ National Post story

We don't give a shit that Bell Canada gave some Connie civil servant free tickets to some friggin game.
We don't care that his office says the ethics commissioner said it was OK.
We don't even care about what that says about Harper's bullshit Accountability Act.

That isn't the story.
This is the story :

Bell Canada made $2.9 billion in profits last year.
Bell Canada announced it will be laying off 3000 to 4000 Canadian workers this year.
Bell Canada has outsourced its call centres to India.
The Canadian government has done fuck all about it.
The Canadian government is Bell Canada's biggest client.


Dave said...

Sorry, I have to disagree here, the Tories have done something about it: they've given Bell shareholders tax cuts so they can keep more of the money they saved by sending Canadians to the unemployment line. Bell reciprocated by giving out hockey tickets. In other words, it's win-win, unless you're a Bell employee in which case, um, yeah you're screwed. And your taxes will probably go up.

scout said...

ma bell in bed with the con-artists? birds of a feather...

RossK said...

....screw Canadians together?

Alison said... any kind of weather...

Good one, Dave.

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