Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Iraq Good, Canada Bad

"Terrorists have capitalized on liberal Canadian immigration and asylum policies to enjoy safe haven, raise funds, arrange logistical support and plan terrorist attacks," the [US] State Department said"

in its annual Report on Terrorism. Yeah, the one I wrote about on Sunday here. The report with the audacity to use the Maher Arar case to beat Canada over the head with.

But I missed this bit from The National Post (warning - a Cadillac Escallade will drive all over what you're trying to read, and bold - mine) :

"The State Department's harsh language on Canada contrasted with its statements in the report of Iraq, which it said was "not currently a terrorist safe haven" despite the continued attacks carried out by al-Qaeda leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi and other groups in the country."

These fuckers will say just about anything for propaganda purposes, as already pointed out, albeit with more restraint, by Dave at Galloping Beaver.

Oh, and this bit was good too :

"Last week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation accused two Muslim youths from Georgia of traveling to Toronto in 2005 to plot attacks against American military bases and oil refineries. The arrests were part of an ongoing FBI investigation into Islamic terror cells in Canada, the agency said."

Damn, did Timothy McVeigh also ever spend a weekend up here?
Because we'd really be in the shit then.
We better ourselves get under that US umbrella of terror while we still can!


Rev.Paperboy said...

Well, no wonder the U.S. is afraid of us, after all our Prime Minister eats babies right?

Dave said...

Actually, Alison, I was only restrained in print form. :)

RossK said...

But what if we had tax credits for citizen rat finks?

I mean that oughta capture the latent Stazi vote and make the Cheney Administration happy all in one go.


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