Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Day on Da Vinci

From the Ottawa Sun :
"Public Security Minister Stockwell Day says Christians shouldn't get too upset over Dan Brown's controversial book The Da Vinci Code and the hit movie based on it.
Day, a devout Christian, told a prayer breakfast in Edmonton last week that Christianity is up to the challenge posed by a plot that debases the very tenets of the faith.
He noted that even though the book suggests "Jesus was a fraud and that everything he stood for is absolutely not true" it's an admitted work of fiction."

Yes, an admitted work of fiction that is gospel to 22% of people polled in Alberta.
Anyway, Doris, I don't think you want to go delving too deeply into the whole "fictional" aspect here.
Uh, too late, there he goes...

"Day said he discovered that while there are only about a dozen ancient documents that relate the life and times of Julius Caesar, there are a thousand times more that document the life of Christ."

And still a millions times more that document the life of Mohammed.
Speaking of Mohammed...

"In an apparent reference to the violence sparked by recently published cartoons of the prophet Mohammed, Day noted Christians have been restrained in their opposition to Brown's debunking of Christianity.
"I haven't seen the clerics order that the movie studios be destroyed or that the newspaper places be burned down," he said. "Isn't it great that the message of Jesus Christ is one of love and tolerance?"

Yeah, those stupid gullible Muslims. To think anyone could be manipulated into a hysterical warmongering frenzy just at the sight of some pictures in a newspaper.

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