Sunday, May 21, 2006

The Certificate of Hitlertude

Now that NaPo and Harper (see post below) have made comparisons to Hitler all the rage again, you may well find yourself needing to fill in and award a number of these over the next few days.
Via uncyclopedia, the Certificate of Hitlertude comes with a handy rating chart.
Please note that while comments such as "I seem to have misplaced the keys to my Mercedes" may indeed have been said by Hitler, they don't really merit a certificate.


Anonymous said...

The people of Iran are too good to have this idiot Amadinejad speaking for them, but then there's our friends to the south...and so much for Canada's rational image in the world. sigh.

Anonymous said...

Und vat is vrong vit zis?

scout said...

check out the pics i have on my page...thanks, been waiting for something to come along to post them! (now that's getting bad creating them knowing they'll be used one day!)

RossK said...

I dunno Scout.

I figure it just means you're paying attention.


Thanks for the tip on the New York Post story Alison.


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