Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The pope does Auschwitz

and asks : "God, why did you remain silent? Where was God?"

(...ring ........ring..)
"You have reached the Offices of Sky Wizard* and Son.
There is No One available to take your call right now but be assured your call is important to Us.
If you know the extension of the Person you are attempting to reach, enter the two digit number now.
For Holocaust and Other Genocides - Press 1
For Natural Disasters - Press 2
For Disease, Famine and Pestilence - Press 3
Please note that the Office of the Problem of Evil is temporaily undergoing restructuring and is not available to the public at this time.
If this is an emergency, please stay on the line as your call will be answered faster than if you hang up and dial again. Our First Available Operator will be with you shortly."
(....from Ipanema goes walking and as she passes each one she passes goes ahhh...oh, but he watches so sa...)
"Thank you and have a nice day."

* "Sky Wizard" TM - Dave's Random Snarky Northern Canadian Gibberish Blog


Anonymous said...

The Office of the Problem of Evil is not available to the public at this time


Havril said...

What, no option for World Cup prayer requests?

scout said...

if i press 5 can i order pope on a rope?

Alison said...

Havril, Scout

I'm ashamed of the both of you.

As blevcog reminds us, prayer is just for important things.

AJSomerset said...

I'm pretty sure God was in the Hitler Youth at the time.

But it's okay -- it wasn't by choice.

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