Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Five Ring Circus

rolls into your town for two weeks and people come from miles around to see the wondrous spectacle.
Ah the magic! The drama! They pitch their tents, amaze the crowds, separate the locals from their money, and then pack up and move on to the next town leaving behind unpaid bills.

Just ask Montreal. Thirty years later Montreal still has two debt payments left to make on the 1976 Olympics because their $156 million budget ballooned into $2 billion. But in the end it was worth every penny because according to the International Olympic Committee president :

"Canada has created a strong Olympic legacy which paved the way for Calgary to host the Olympic Winter Games in 1988 and for Vancouver to host in 2010."

Why do I think 30 years from now people in Flin Flon will be laughing at Vancouver for finally paying off their Olympic debt, secure in their belief that the Flin Flon Olympics is fer sure going to be the best Olympics ever?


Anonymous said...

These games are for national pride. They're expected to lose money. You know, like the Iraq war. So lighten up alison and lego your worries about money. We'll borrow it from Alberta. This comment was a lot of work to get one stupid pun in but you know...

scout said...

ya alison, lighten up. next you'll be telling us that dead foster children, health-care hold up deaths, the homeless, the crime rate and all social outcomes of gordo's cutbacks just so b.c. could have the 'five ring circus' (nice one!!!) .

and come on, why shouldn't 'the big boys benefit' while the tax payer loses? geeze, it's like you're some kind of HUMAN or something!

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